Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Getting around

The more time I spend at the beach the more I want a bicycle. Just a cute cruiser to get around without getting in the car. There are some great options at Electra.

Or maybe I just need a Vespa


grande aunt lisa said...


You know your cousin, SS, doesn't know how to ride a bicycle?!? I'm bringin mine to TopSail. Ya'll should rent some and we'll teach her :-) It's nice and flat there!


Anonymous said...

I had a purple bike when i was a kid, it had been my sister's. it probably weighed about 35 pounds...kinda a monster. too bad i don't have it!!!! gla

Anonymous said...

Hey Em! I was looking at your etsy website and I am interested in getting names put up in the boys room. I want to do the wooden letters with a sports theme and a teddy bear theme. Any suggestions or do you think that you would be able to make these? I would rather pay you and know that they will be what I want. If you have any ideas, let me know. I know that you are on vaation, but whenever you back. Thanks!

Love, Heather