Saturday, July 4, 2009

Beach bag

I get to go to the beach again next week. This time with my family. I am so excited! One requirement for a good beach trip is a great beach bag. For me beach bags must meet some specific requirements. 1. They must be easy to clean. Mine is usually full of sand within the first 10 min on the beach and if I don't spill sunscreen on it at some point it's a miracle. 2. They must be foldable (is that even a word?) I need to be able to fold it up and stuff it in my suitcase. 3. They must be inexpensive for the above reasons. 4. They must be big so I can stuff sunscreen, a towel, snacks, water and a good book I them. I found a few good options all under $20.

From Old Navy this sweet pink bag for only $10.
While visiting North Carolina my friend got this great beach bag from American Eagle (on clearance!) It's listed online for 14.95 but she got it for 10 in the store.

Great recycled rice bags from Urban Outfitters between $10 and $15

See what great things you can find.

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Anonymous said...

okay, they are all way too cool. suffice it to say that mine will 'tote' some pharmaceutical company or the local MRI facility. there is cool, and there is free! gla