Wednesday, June 10, 2009


After walking around Union Square, EW took me to my new favorite store, Fishs Eddy. I could easily spend all the money I have in this place. I just wanted to buy presents for everyone I know. But since I was taking the train home I couldn't get much because it wouldn't fit in my bag.
Just look at this vintage glass. Don't you want one of each? I know I do.
The sign says it all.
I loved the pictures of the kids swimming on these cups.
I want my kitchen to look like this.
I wanted to take this whole wall home and give it to CDB. I could have stayed in this place all day.

I realized when I got home I didn't even get pictures of some of my favorite parts of Fish's Eddy so you'll have to check out the website for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Love that aqua/white small bowl! I "need" that! Sounds so much fun...are you coming home? :)
l, akc

Michelle L said...

I bought a bag here 2 years ago. It was teal/aqua with NYC builidings on it in black with black writing. I wanna go to this store again this summer!

Anonymous said...

i just now got to look at these.  so fun!  i just relived your visit.  we'll do it again!  love you. e