Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jewelry organized

I've realized that if my jewelry isn't in some sort of order and easy to see I forget I have it and it never gets worn. Right now my jewelry is hanging from any and all surfaces in my room. Mirrors, lights, everywhere. I found these really great options on Urban Outfitters and think they would help me get a little more organized.

Tree for hanging necklaces or bracelets on.

Wall organizer for rings and necklaces.

Mirrored jewelry beautiful.


Heidi said...

I kid you not last night I said I need a jewelry organizer. you are so in my mind

linda_anne said...

beautiful! always like those trees...except i always end up wearing the stuff that is out laying around and never the stuff that is organized

Anonymous said...

l.t. and i went yard saling (sp?) once and she bought some 'victorian hands' and used them to display her beaded purses. gla