Monday, March 9, 2009

Shower Curtians

I am trying to answer questions people have posted for me. Someone asked for help finding a shower curtian to match a black and neutral bathroom. My first stop for home items is always Pottery Barn to get inspired. And look at the beauty I found on sale. I don't know how much black is in this bathroom but this would go great in a more neutral bathroom. And if you live near a Pottery Barn outlet (like the one we have here in Lancaster) you may find some other amazing options that aren't online anymore.

Next stop is Restoration Hardware which we also are lucky enough to have an outlet of. If you want to go really clean and simple this one would be a great pick

Next stop, Urban Outfitters who had these two great options (the first of which is on sale for $14.99)

Hope this at least gives you a few ideas, M.


kookster said...

The tree one is definitely different. Kinda cool, kinda weird at the same time

Anonymous said...

Okay the problem with your shopping insight is that I find myself "needing" things I didn't know I even wanted. Suddenly I think I should get a new shower curtain because the ones you showed off are cool and fresh and way better the one I have and I too have a black and white bathroom- you, my friend, are the missing link of the country's economic stimulus package!


Heidi said...

OMG you answered a question I didn't even ask! thats awesome. You are the best Ms Emily.

meg said...

thank you!!!
i love the pottery barn one.