Thursday, March 26, 2009

Perpetual Kid

I love those magazines on planes that sell all sort of crazy things that I never realized I needed. I also love websites that are all things I don't need but would be fun to have. That's why I've spent way to much time on Perpetual Kid. These are a few of my favorite finds.

My husband would love this bottle opener magnet.
I'm looking for external speakers for my IPod nano and I like how cute this little AMP is.
The boys I nanny would love building crazy straws and trying to make sure they worked.

This great note pad goes on your fridge and you can check things off as you accomplish them. I love lists and this is right up my alley.

Pretty little glass half pint creamer.

In honor of my Dad's birthday (which is today...Happy birthday Daddy!!) these cool ice cubes that look like guitars.

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Anonymous said...

it is so fun to look at this things..who thinks them up anyway?