Monday, March 9, 2009

Flower girl dress

Recently a friend asked for help finding a flower girl dress for her daughter that wouldn't break the bank. I found a few options and thought I would share because I have a feeling with summer approaching she won't be the only one looking for a flower girl dress.

This pretty dress is only $68 from Sweet Plume and they can make it custom in any color

This beautiful dress from Giraffikiki Kidz is only $46. Since it is custom made you could probably request it in other fabrics from their site

Ivy and May has this cute bubble dress for $62

This dress is creeping up there in price ($90) but is so beautiful I had to share it. Monitageorge does not do custom work so if you love this you have to get it in the size she has made which is a 5.

Then there is the tutu dress which there are a million sites for. I chose Boutique Sophia's because for $40 you choose the colors and it is custom made for your child. Also they seemed a bit more substantial than some of the others. Super girlie and cute.

When I am at my home computer I will look through my other websites and try to find some more options. Hope this helps for now.


Anonymous said...

Yes! I knew you could do it - I think I like the Graffifkiki Kids site - I saw that one yesterday but didn't see that style that makes casual fabric a little dressier. You are good!

Thanks, girl!

Shelley said...

Thanks for finding me :)! I love all of your selections though! You wouldn't go wrong with any of them ;).