Friday, September 4, 2009


The weather has been all but perfect the last few days. A little nip in the air at night, 80's during the day. I could live with this weather all the time. Love it. I have all the windows thrown open and the air is moving through the house.

So, this post may seem a little strange in light of my love of the current weather. I'm not saying I want it to rain but if I had one of these pretty umbrella's from Signature Bella I wouldn't be against the rain as much. They are so beautiful!

The style is Pagoda and are inspired by 1930's and 40's Art Deco. There are 5 colors and 6 handles you can choose from. Here are my favorite combos. I don't have any pictures of the lucite handle but it's pretty too.

Brown with a cream handle

Classic, all black.

Pink with a green handle

Ivory with a black handle

Close up of the handle. Look at that sparkle on the bottom!

I would happily sing in the rain with one of these. Until I own one it's fine with me if there are no rainy days though.


Anonymous said...

oh gosh, even umbrella's are pretty. i am just happy to find one when it is raining....

cori said...

i looove this. i have a weird love for umbrellas. they are so cool. i want the green and pink one.
<3 cdb