Monday, September 22, 2008


I thought in honor of my friends who travel for work I would share some of my new favorite luggage. Swiss Army is known for their army knives or even watches (which I bought for my hubby one year), but have you seen their luggage? Luggage source is an official dealer that has many options.

I also like Delsey Luggage. Luggage OnlineThen there is which has these designer suitcases. You'll never have to worry about not spotting your bag at the airport with this lovely Diane Von Furstenburg

Or these pretty bags from Luggage Set Select. Cute, huh?

Makes you want to book a flight to somewhere, doesn't it?

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Sara said...

these are way cute and they would stand out on the baggage carousel...which is really important especially when you're by yourself in a sea of people with the same looking bag!! I had that happen to me twice this year.

thanks again for the wonderful tips!